Sean Feeney
Architect of the digital age
I'm an experienced technology executive who bridges the divide between Dev and Ops. I help companies big and small develop and execute their technology strategy. I am a firm believer that complexity is toxic. There's an art to developing and implementing conceptually simple - yet operationally and functionally robust - solutions and with the whiteboard as my palette I have shown company after company that transformation is achievable.

Tech Blog

A History of BGS Flip Types (6 March 2024) A History of SGC Flip Types (3 March 2024) AmazonSSMDirectoryServiceInstanceProfileRole (5 September 2023) Why does your build pipeline fail even though there were no changes? (11 August 2023) IAM Roles Required for AWS Resilience Hub (24 January 2023) Microsoft Store 0x87e00017 Error (14 December 2022) Auto-refresh of boto3 AWS session in 2020 (10 October 2020) MediaWiki to Pepperminty Wiki Migration (8 August 2020) Formspree 401 Unauthorized Error (4 January 2020) Management Fad of the Week: Insights Discovery Profile (27 February 2019)

Highlighted Works

API Gateway Lambda via CloudFormation (31 August 2018) A CodePipeline for cross-account CloudFormation deployment (10 September 2017) Using DevOps to Improve the Value Chain (11 March 2016) A Primer on Continuous Delivery (25 February 2016) Three Ways to DevOps (27 January 2016) Quantifying Technical Debt (9 October 2015) IT: Innovation Center or Cost Center? (4 August 2015) Understanding the Cost Implications of your Software Technology Purchase (25 July 2015) What is a full stack engineer? (11 May 2015) HR: Student Loan Repayment as an Employment Benefit (15 March 2015)

Civic Involvement

State-level Policy Recommendations to Help Address the Student Loan Crisis (1 December 2016) The power of Vigo County's Democratic party being questioned by some (3 January 2015) 100-day plan for Hamilton Co. (28 October 2014) Democracy 2014: Video Q&A with Hamilton County Commissioner Candidate Democrat Sean Feeney (20 October 2014) 2 Hamilton Co. commissioner candidates take part in debate (8 October 2014) Dem Candidate: 'A hero doesn't roll over' (10 August 2014) County Commissioners vote to put audio of meetings online (8 May 2012) Vigo County Commissioner - Democrat (3 May 2012) All GOP, 5 Dems absent from forum (27 April 2012) City Council candidate forum finds hopefuls agreeing (28 April 2011)


With three kids my time is at a premium these days, but I'd love to be invited to speak at your event. I probably don't have the free time to respond to your CFP unless you want to grab one of the works above. I will, however, put time into a presentation for your event if it's a fit. Here are common topics I present on:
  • AWS and the cloud
  • DevOps
  • Open source
  • Datacenter migrations
  • Digital business strategy
  • Knowledge management
  • Legislative and/or corporate solutions to the student loan mess
  • The importance of youth, and a talent pipeline, in whatever business you think you're running
I also oblige hands-on workshop requests for the right audience and STEM/startup/business plan competitive judging requests where possible.
Sean Feeney
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