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Microsoft Store 0x87e00017 Error

14 December 2022

If you receive error 0x87e00017 when you try to install an app or game from the Microsoft Store, it indicates that Windows no longer has proper permissions to the folder(s) it uses during download and/or installation. I haven’t dug deep enough to confirm, but presumably, this is D:\WindowsApps and/or D:\Program Files\ModifiableWindowsApps.

I’ve run into this a few times when I’ve carried the drive over from one Windows install to another. wsreset.exe is insufficient to fix the issue; you’ll have to go in and either delete those paths in safe mode or format the drive.

If you’re looking for confirmation that it is a permissions issue, try changing the target drive where ‘New apps will save to’ to D:\ in Settings>System>Storage>Advanced storage settings>Where new content is saved. It will give you a more informative error pointing to permissions.

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