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Formspree 401 Unauthorized Error

4 January 2020

Trying Formspree, my AJAX form wasn’t reaching the success function. Using Chrome Developer tools, I just saw:

Searching Formspree’s Help Site for “401” turned up nada. So I switched to Firefox Developer tools, Network tab, and inspected the Response.

Aha! But I actually do want reCAPTCHA spam protection. Luckily I stumbled across this ZEIT guide that says: “To use AJAX on Formspree you must either disable reCAPTCHA or provide your own reCAPTCHA key.”

Much better! I do have my own reCAPTCHA key, and I was able to implement it per Formspree instructions.

This one wasn’t a quick Google to fix so hopefully this helps someone else running into this issue.

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