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A History of SGC Flip Types

3 March 2024

SGC (Sportscard Guaranty LLC) is the third-largest trading card grading company behind PSA and CSG. SGC was founded in 1998, and like its biggest competitor, has changed its flip several times since then. A “flip” refers to the label on a slab as well as the slab itself, in terms of style, color, and other attributes.

SGC Flip Type #1 – Issued from 1998 to mid-1999, this is the original design. It utilized a 100-point grading scale.

SGC Flip Type #2 – Issued from 1999 - 2000, this transitional flip has the future green label color and Sportscard Guaranty, LLC lettering rising out of the back of the slab. They temporarily dropped barcodes.

SGC Flip Type #3 – Issued from 2000 - 2018, this flip added the URL to the label and a gold hologram on the back of the label. The label border was green until 2017, when a perfect 100 score began getting a gold border instead.

SGC Flip Type #4 – Issued from 2018 - present, SGC switched to a 10-point grading scale (with possible half points) and the label border changed to black (except for perfect 10s, which remained gold). Instead of a gold hologram on the back, SGC lettering rises out of the back of the slab, similar to Type #2.

In 2024, SGC was acquired by Collectors Holdings, the owner of PSA.


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