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You Rock Guitar Settings for Rocksmith 2014

19 March 2015

Here are my settings for the YRG-1000 Gen 1 MIDI guitar controller.

1) Use the Rocksmith cable 2) Press the GUITAR and SLIDE buttons 3) Preset 1 generally works. If you’re having trouble, change to a “clean” sound by holding GUITAR, scrolling to 3 and releasing GUITAR.


  1. The thin metal bar, beneath tail piece, closest to whammy bar is the mute bar (since this is a MIDI guitar you can’t hold strings to mute). This will help you get through the calibration setup quicker.

  2. You can’t palm mute, bend or accent since this is a MIDI guitar. It doesn’t have ‘real’ strings and the game doesn’t accept a whammy as a bend.

  3. Check battery level by holding MUSIC for two seconds. The orange lights below the preset # will indicate level.

  4. If any of the the strings aren’t triggering quite right when strummed, you can adjust sensitivity using a Phillips screwdriver on the screws at the base of the bridge. Be careful not to over-tighten.

  5. Do not try and play with the guitar’s USB plugged into the same computer/console. There will be interference and you will have to restart the game to get the tuning to work right again.

Song-specific tuning: Hold OPEN until the number blinks, scroll to the new tuning and release the OPEN button.

  1. E Standard: 0 or 1 Most songs

  2. Slightly sharp/flat (A446): This doesn’t seem possible at this time. The Kinks - You Really Got Me

  3. Drop D: 7 A7X - Bat Country

  4. Eb Drop Db: This doesn’t seem possible at this time. Deftones - My Own Summer (Shove It)

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