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Where the money's at, 2009-2012 predictions

25 February 2009

While a few companies are still receiving VC funding, you can expect a whole lot more companies seeing bailout money. What tech business should you be in to receive the funding? Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure.

  1. Modernized power grids, heavy transmission lines. We have to have a way to move around all that new green electricity.
  2. Home power generation: solar panels, roof turbines, and even the return of excess power back to the grid.

  3. Municipal wireless, rural wireless (near VHF/UHF ranges after the HDTV conversion this July), fiber-to-home. It’s ridiculous that people anywhere are forced to still use dial-up.
  4. Print-to-digital conversion consulting. Newspapers especially, but expect Kindle 2 authors to need some advice as well.
  5. Health care IT. Don’t bother with electronic health records - Google’s on it. But the rest, including displaying and modifying those records, is up for grabs.

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