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Web Startup Resources on Facebook

10 February 2008

Startup Exchange - A group for startups, entrepreneurs and investors to exchange ideas and information. Currently hot: Connecting web startups with angel and VC investors.

Web 2.0 (Entrepreneurs) - This group is for Individuals interested in being part of the next web business boom. Anyone can join, we especially encourage those technically gifted individuals: programmers, hackers, developers, designers, etc. who are interested in joining up with new startups. Currently hot: Just about every web 2.0 CEO and founder is an officer of this group. There’s a lot of good startup advice floating around on that group.

Web T.e - (T.e = Trust, Ideas and Ethics) is a group where members who share those three attributes can freely share their ideas and get feedback. Members can talk with great programmers and people with web experience. They can form partnerships and find dedicated and enthusiastic people for help. It’s about “discussing and developing” with people you can trust. Currently hot: Getting feedback for your web 2.0 site.

Web Startups - This group is dedicated to all web entrepreneurs where you can share your new projects with a thech savvy community. Currently hot: Link to your startup, maybe find some job postings.

Join a Startup - Looking for the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the next Google? Then this is the place for you. Startups, are you looking for some very talented, dedicated, and driven individuals? Then this is the place for you too. Currently hot: Finding or listing a coding job.

Web Jobs - This group is created to help web industry Employers and Job seekers to find each other. Currently hot: Mobile website job posts.

Web 3.0 - Web 1.0: Black and White. Web 2.0: Color. Web 3.0: 3d. Currently hot: Discussing the 3D web.

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