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Video on Demand on the Web Goes Primetime

9 December 2006

While Tivo remains the top set-top DVR service, and YouTube remains the top on-demand video service on the web, MySpace recently expanded to include “FOX on demand”, a website where you can view streaming video of Fox’s latest episodes in high definition. The key drawback is that you have to install the “FOX Full Throttle Player” in order to view the episodes.

YouTube isn’t exactly fighting back, but it is offering a CBS channel that’s filled with trailers for and clips from various CBS shows. How long until we see all of the networks offering services like Fox, and which company will they choose to offer those services? Google (which owns YouTube) or News Corp. (which owns Fox and MySpace)? Or will we see room for a third party like Microsoft to ‘steal the show’?

I am anticipating that we’ll continue to see MySpace only offering Fox shows while all of the other networks who jump into the scene will gravitate towards YouTube, or their own websites (like Comedy Central currently does). What do you think?

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