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The Consumer View: Why do I pay for the same song over and over again?

26 January 2009

With the rise of Internet gaming consoles like the PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360, we’re seeing a new form of revenue generation for artists and labels: the add-on pack to Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Singstar, etc. At generally $1.50/song and $19.99/album, the consumer pays full retail price to be able to sing or play songs they likely already own in physical or digital form. How long will this last before consumers demand that they be allowed to pay once for a song and have all rights to it? Imagine iTunes adding icons for “Rock Band Compatible” or “Guitar Hero Rockable.” It would require a little coordination among game publishers and storefronts, but I could see consumers being more willing to pay a little more up front for guaranteed playability down the line than they are to continue re-purchasing a song for each and every platform. What do you think?

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