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Teen Social Networking Use

11 June 2007

In a survey dated May 31, 2007, Tremor polled teenagers 13-19 years old on their social networking use. Here are the results:

Which sites do Tremor Members use?
88% use Myspace
62% use Facebook
32% use Xanga
12% use myYearbook
18% use Livejournal
7% use Flickr
3% use BlackPlanet
6% use Bolt
19% use Hi5
3% use Piczo
16% use Tagged
6% use Friendster
10% use Bebo
11% use others

How often do Tremor Members check their favorite social networking site?
11% More than 10 times a day
16% 5-9 times a day
38% 2-4 times a day
15% Once a day
15% A few times a week
3% Once a week
3% Hardly ever
0% Never

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