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Stargate Worlds Sneak Preview

10 March 2007

Characters will be able to choose skills from four technology trees covering biology, engineering, physics and electronics. Some tech skills are shared by all the races, but others will be culture specific. Stargate Worlds will allow players to take part in their favorite MMO activities while capturing the iconic moments that have made Stargate the longest-running science fiction series in history. Crafted items will include enhancements that can be added to other items like telescopic sights for guns or improved energy relays for staff weapons; consumables like ammunition and medkits; and base items like guns, clothing and armor. The basic currency in Stargate Worlds will be Naquadah. Players will use Naquadah for obtaining equipment and purchasing services. Stargate Worlds will offer an MMO experience unlike any other game on the market. Players will join a living universe with a rich and detailed history based on a combined 14-plus years of the Stargate television franchise.

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