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SingShot becomes The Sims on Stage

7 September 2007, one of the online karaoke contenders, has been purchased by EA to join their ever-growing Sims franchise. SingShot had not been updated since its beta launch a few years back, but with the buyout brings funding for new content. Over 100 new songs were added this week. We can only assume that the site was holding out for a buyout from the beginning.

All existing SingShot features remain in tact, and new features include stand-up categories, movie “mashups”, and the ability to create your own Sim (an avatar). The website was revamped and relaunched at the less friendly URL of For now you can still get to it using

This will likely turn up the heat on competitor to find a buyer. The SingSnap service is technically better with its array of webcam recording effects, but users tend to find the SingShot service more user-friendly. Will SingSnap be able to compete with Sims boxes in bedrooms across America sending 12-year-olds to the SingShot website?

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