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17 July 2007

I thought this blast from the past would amuse everyone. Several years ago in middle school, when the Internet still had that new car smell I threw up some photos from a school dance to share with everyone. They were generic school photos, nothing racy or raunchy. A link to them was never placed on the school website that I was webmaster of, but the link did get circulated around the teacher e-mail system. I was eventually called to the principals office and my parents notified about the possibility that I was “opening myself up to legal threats.”

In today’s 2.0 world, it’s a regular occurrence for students to post photos of their friends and classmates online. I don’t think anyone would be called to the principals office about it. But in those early days schools were terrified of the possibilities. Looking back we can only laugh at the way things were…

Did you have a similar experience while opening up the online frontiers? Post a comment.

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