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On This Week's ABC News Democratic Debate

19 April 2008

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"Congratulations ABC! George and Charlie have finally succeeded in proving that network national news is no longer viable. You blew this opportunity and showed the millions of viewers that tuned in that any hope for an issue related exchange, instead offering salacious topics and commercials. As you ponder the future and your lack of viewership, hopefully you will remember this particular event lost more for your network than respect."

I couldn’t agree more. This is why people nowadays assign more value to the blogosphere than to network news. A blogger, less concerned with the lowest common denominator, can focus on the issues that matter and ask harder hitting questions than an old school journalist. And that’s what Americans want to see more of.

Network news (and other old people): Go ahead and disagree with me about the blogosphere being more valuable than current television news. Then try disagreeing with me in 10 years. Newspaper companies are already failing after making that bet in the 1990’s…now that broadband enables quality video over the web, do you want to take the same chance?

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