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New Features Available for Facebook Pages

22 February 2008

Facebook Pages have some new features available for you Page owners:

  1. User Photo Uploads
    Now, your fans will be able to upload photos to your Facebook Page…if you let them. Go to your Facebook Page and Edit on the Photos box to turn on this feature. All New Pages will have this feature pre-enabled upon creation.

  2. Dynamic Content in the Profile Box
    You can now replace the main picture on your Facebook Page with dynamic content using either the Flash or FBML applications. Just install either of these applicaitons (find them at and then select the flash/fbml option when you choose to edit your profile picture.)

  3. Legal Drinking Age Settings
    If you are a bar or alcohol company, you can adjust age settings to meet legal drinking age requirements by clicking edit on your Facebook page, and scrolling down to the settings box.

  4. Mini-Feed
    Mini-Feed is now movable on the Page. Just click on the word “Mini-feed” and drag it anywhere you please.

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