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Management Fad of the Week: Buckingham's StandOut Assessments

13 February 2015

Take Your Own For Free

My result was: Provider Advisor

Your Greatest Value to the team: Your ability to bring good judgment to a constant flow of requests.

You tackle other people’s demands with sincere enthusiasm. You thrive when your clients or colleagues come to you with a steady stream of unique requests and problems – especially when you have developed an ongoing relationship with those who are asking for help. The better you get to know the people you’re helping, the more they understand just how much you truly care about their wellbeing. Where someone else might help out with a notion of turning that helpfulness into a competitive advantage down the line, your genuine desire to help is your advantage. Those who know you recognize it and come to count on it. Whatever your career, you will be invigorated by the constant flow of practical requests from people who rely on your good judgment.

How to Work Best With Me

Tell me that a new way of doing things will ensure a better level of service to more people; that only this new arrangement will guarantee that more people’s point of view will be heard and taken into account.

Be specific about exactly what a change is–the more detailed the better–and why the change will lead to more effective outcomes.

Entrust me with orienting a new team member. I will ensure he feels he made the right choice joining us.

Ask my opinion and advice: “What is the best thing to do in this situation?”

Put me in charge of leading brainstorming stages. I’m at my best in drawing out ideas from others–particularly those who are reluctant to share in groups.

Any sentence that begins with “We have a problem; we need your help” will instantly engage me.

Actively listen to me. Take the time to ask my perspective on a situation. Ask follow-up questions to ensure that you understand. To be heard is a very strong motivator for me.

Set me up with opportunities to expose or ally myself with other experts.

Charge me with solving the problems that have kept others stuck.

Let me lead large groups. I foster tremendous loyalty from people because they know I am genuinely aware of their best interests.

Ask me to improve a current process or system that is satisfactory but not stellar.

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