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Installing the latest gnome-rdp in Fedora

28 December 2010

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I like gnome-rdp because it’s simple and supports ssh, vnc, and rdp all in one client.

Prereq’s: mono, docky

Use which to determine if you have these installed. For example, “which mono”. If none is found, install with “yum install mono”.

Download gnome-rdp (gnome-rdp-

Install with: “rpm -ivh gnome-rdp-”.

Updates in this version: You can now hit enter instead of having to click OK when typing passwords. Group functionality is getting better, but you cannot delete them once created. A session can only exist in one group at a time. Still no sorting of sessions.

—Old Versions—
gnome-rdp (gnome-rdp-

Hints for this version: You must add at least one Identity and one Profile prior to adding a Session, and then click to select them when you do add a Session. Groups are still not really working, nor can you sort the Session list.

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