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Geni Hack: Prevent the people you invite to your tree from receiving too much Geni-related email

9 May 2009

From Geni regular Shmuel Kam: If you DO want to invite people to join the tree, then I have learned (the hard way) that most people are driven away by the many daily emails [Geni] sends. The following is an important technical tip on how to reduce this “spam” in advance. AFTER you have filled in their email address, and pressed the Invite button, go to the URL bar of your browser, and substitute everything to the left of the long number (their profile ID) with the following text, and press Return: This will take you to THEIR account settings, regarding email notifications. I recommend disabling all of the daily emails ONLY (the middle block), and leaving everything else as is. If you disable the lower block, then you pretty much prevent people from being able to use this site to communicate with each other (because they won’t be notified about diddly). Do NOT forget to press the Save Button. Once they accepted your invitation and joined, only they will be able to change these settings (via Settings on the top-right of any page). But this might be a bit much for the technically challenged or the elderly.

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