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CPL, CAL gone...who will fill the void? WCG?

25 March 2009

It’s been a while since I checked in on CAL or CPL, and the new WCG Ultimate Gamer series on Sci-Fi prompted me to look them up. They’re gone. As of August 2008, investors in the United Arab Emirates bought out CPL, and in November the same group purchased CAL. Then, I can only assume, the economy tanked in the UAE and the investors never got around to re-instating the competitive leagues. This leaves quite a void in competitive gaming in the US, one that less well known groups like WCG appear to be trying to fill. Will they be successful? HotSpot Technologies is looking into a different style of competitive gaming - one that has possible pay outs for even the first time player, and not just a few individuals at the top.

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