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Broadband over gas lines?

1 December 2006


Corante and the Red Ferret Journal discuss one company’s plans to offer 10Gbps Wireless transmission of ultra-wideband signals using existing gas pipelines. The company’s press release goes into only surface detail, but insists the idea requires no modding of the gas line. As specific as the company gets: Nethercomm “introduces signals into the gas lines using inexpensive equipment located at existing neighborhood network hubs and extracts data at the customer or business premises with end user-installed equipment.”

The jokes are already pouring in:

“Hum.. An idea with explosive potential…

CUSTOMER: I am having problems getting a connection…
TECH: Exactly what is the problem?

CUSTOMER: I think the line is clogged?
TECH: How can you tell?

CUSTOMER: I unscrewed one of the gas line. Smells really bad. Give me a second. Sounds of a match being struck and burnning. A Boom then the line goes dead.
TECH: Well it sounds like you have solved your problem… News at eleven!”

“Gas line explodes! Thousands without Internet service!”

“Oh.. I was wondering about this… the other day… I ate several LARGE helpings of beans….

A few days later… flatulence… and being the kind of person not wanting to not use potential bandwidth… I shoved a pipe up my……@#$ and connected RJ45s to it… and Voila…. CONNECTION!!!!

Woooo Wooooo…. “

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